Revitalize Your Metabolism Summit

Are you tired of putting on the pounds year after year regardless of everything that you are doing?

No energy to get things done when you get home in the evening?

Tired of the constant hormonal imbalances?

Or are you just tired of knowing what to do to get better but you are not seeing the results that you should.

About the Summit:

I interviewed 21 experts for this Summit – doctors, nutritionists, health coaches, chefs, fitness experts, pharmacists and more – all sharing their valuable tips and strategies on  how to boost your metabolism so that you can regain our youthful energy, balance our hormones, and reach our ideal weight.  Stop struggling with the symptoms of a declining metabolism and learn what these experts have done to keep their metabolism working for them instead of against them.

I am very excited about all the information you will learn on this Summit!

Here is just a glimpse of some of the things  you will learn at this event:

  • What to eat and drink and what not to eat and drink to lose the weight effortlessly
  • How to get your body to burn fat instead of holding on to fat
  • Impact of stress on our metabolism and what we can do about it
  • How does sugar impacts our metabolism and how to stop sugar cravings
  • Are you a sugar addict and how do you even know?
  • How GMOs and Xenoestrogens impact our metabolism & weight
  • The role of the thyroid, adrenals, and liver to metabolism and what you can do to heal them
  • Is it best to go Paleo, Ketogenic or does it even matter?
  • How to balance hormones, estrogen, progesterone, cortisol
  • And so much more!

Summit Experts:

  • Ben Fuchs, Pharmacist and Nutritionist,  Critical Health News
  • Raymond Francis, Founder of Beyond Health and Author of Never Be Sick Again,
  • Cherie Calbom, known as The Juice Lady,
  • Sarica Cernohous, Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Herbal Medicine, certified in Acupuncture,
  • Monique Bartlett, Author of Kick Start For Weight Loss: 3 Massive Mistakes Professional Women Make That Keep Them Overweight, Exhausted and Stuck on the Diet Treadmill,
  • Martin Pytela, Founder of Life Enthusiast and Health Coach,
  • Sue Ingebretson, certified holistic health care practitioner,
  • Dr. Anna Cabeca, board certified Gynecologist and Obstetrician, board certified anti-aging  and regenerative medicine, expert in functional medicine, www.CabecaHealth.Com
  • John Gray Ph.D,  Bestselling Author, www.MarsVenus.Com
  • Mike Mutzel,
  • Dr. Lisa Lewis, Lewis Health Institute, www.NatureDrs.Com
  • Dr. Michael Ruscio, medical doctor, clinical researcher, author, www.DrRuscio.Com
  • Hannah Crum, author of the Big Book of Kombucha,
  • Susan Irby, certified Food Healer, expert in Fitness Nutrition and Recipe Development,
  • Tandy Gutierrez, the nation’s foremost pilates and fitness expert, with many celebrity clients and professional athletes in the NFL, MLB and Ironman Competitions, www.
  • Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, Doctor of Chiropractic, certified in Acupuncture, certified Clinical Nutritionist, certified Living Foods Chef, Bestselling Author and Women’s Health Expert,
  • Dr. Dan Kalish, Founder of the Kalish Method of Functional Medicine, author of The Kalish Method: Mapping the Body, Healing the Mind,

This Summit is just loaded with information and tips that you can use to improve your metabolism and energy right away.