RMM Leisure Retreat

Revitalize My Metabolism Leisure Retreat

I am a holistic health and wellness coach who uses spiritual energy combined with lymphatic drainage massage, acupressure points, aromatherapy, homeopathy and reflexology to help guide people to a

feeling of wellbeing and renewed good health. I open up their awareness to what is possible and teach them how they can continue helping themselves and continue to strive for better health.

More Energy! Less Stress! More Happiness!

I am so excited and passionate about creating wellness for everyone I work with that I know you will benefit from this program if you are serious about change.  This program is for you if you are looking for ways to make changes in your life, turn around illnesses like type II diabetes or high blood pressure, adrenal fatigue, need to reduce or eliminate prescribed medications from your life, and establish a routine that offers more health, wellness and happiness!

You will have more energy, some great tools to use, and have a solid support system. With my coaching you can take steps to get yourselves on the right path during a retreat in Florida.

  • Learn how to detox weekly to activate healing, reduce your toxic overload
  • Relaxation techniques to reduce your stress hormone levels, get adrenals in balance
  • How to rebuild your immune system and build up deficiencies
  • How to modify your nutrition, eat more of what you should and less of what you shouldn’t
  • Learn what supplements to purchase and include for best results
  • How to achieve balance through proper whole food choices and enjoyable exercise
  • How to achieve a more sound and peaceful sleep for rejuvenating rest

You will stay in a one bedroom self-contained suite with a heated, temperature controlled swimming pool, family movie facilities, well groomed tennis courts, minutes away from shopping, fine dining and night clubbing.

I am on a mission to bring peace, relaxation to the lives of my clients, for them to experience time away from a stressful time, and to have them strive to live a healthier life.  Ask about how to schedule your retreat today tailored just for you!

With love and light,

Pat, Health and Wellness Coach