Workout Plans To Tone Your Body Not Cause Inflammation

When you are getting started, you should plan your workouts to tone your body and not cause more inflammation. Excess fat is the cause of inflammation in our body and any exercise that we can do to reduce this inflammation would be beneficial.

We exercise to burn fat and increase our energy. We need a good workout plan that  contains these three areas aerobic conditioning, weight training or muscle conditioning and some flexibility training.

Your exercise should begin with a warm up.  A warm up does exactly as it is meant to do, warm up your muscles before you begin to really stress the muscle and work it hard.

We are often so busy during the week for exercise that we often scramble to  put in too much exercise into our weekends. Long distance running, weight lifting, even rock climbing and other extreme sports that are so popular right now. These sports can cause a lot of inflammation especially in the joints and can do a lot of harm if not done correctly to avoid inflammation.

Aerobic conditioning is also called cardio and uses large amount of oxygen to your muscles, lungs, heart and circulatory system.  This can be running, sprinting, biking, skiing etc.  The non-inflammatory way is choose something that is non impacting or low impacting which is rebounding, swimming or elliptical machines that do not do terrible things to your joints.

Muscle conditioning is resistance or weight training which strengthens your muscles by using weights that are not too heavy or too light.  If you are unsure work with a gym, who offers a first time consultation to get you started on weights.  What you don’t want to happen is to lift weights that are more than you can handle, which damages your joints, tears muscle or joints and causes overall inflammation.

Flexibility is stretching your muscles, tendons and ligaments to increase your range of motion.  If your range of motion is increased, your chances of injury decreases significantly, your circulation is increased and you recover faster after a workout. Yoga is a good practice that gives you stretches and incorporates the emotional, mental and physical aspects into its routine.

All exercise is a form of stress on the body and will increase inflammation somewhat depending on the duration and intensity. But if you are looking improve overall health, you need to do 30 min of medium intensity, low impact activity three times per week.  And if you are looking to lose significant body fat, you need to increase that to 45 min of high intensity, low impact activity four to five times per week.

After a workout, your body still has an increased need for oxygen, and specifically with weight training we are still burning calories faster as well which means our metabolism remains raised for 23 hours after your workout.  How is that for after effects.

So be sure to keep your metabolism raised by adding in some weight training to your regular workout plan and see what a difference it makes.

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  1. Sophie

    I have a bad back,bad feet,(fused big toe joints) so find any strenuious exercise a no no.I used to ride horses but since not having one in the last 5 yrs and starting the menopause i have become overweight.Im 5ft 8 and 11stone 8.I would love to lose a stone definately and tone my thighs and tummy.What safe exercise can i do.can i join a gym or not.?

    • Pat Tucker

      Hi Sophie:
      I would suggest walking 30 min per day as brisk as you can and gradually increase. Do some 10-15 lbs weights to build your arm muscles. Biceps, Triceps and Shoulders. You can google this online.
      Yoga is always good for stretching out the back and promotes flexibility. That would be a great start. Pat